One day

One day you wake up and your chest feels lighter than usual, each breath taken more deeply and the warmth of the shower pleases you more than you remember. Everything begins to look clearer than you recall.

For no storm will last forever. Eventually the sun must shine through the darkness and breathe life into the world once again.

When you’re going through hardships, remember this. No matter how badly your sails get battered, how much water you intake or how difficult things feel. It will pass. As much as we can hate the hardships of life and wish for them to be over, as much as we ask ourselves “why do bad things happen to good people”. We need to understand and remember that everything in life is a fragile balance, without these hardships there would be no goodness in the world.

It’s shit, but it is needed. No amount of pain or internal struggles can compare to the feeling of happiness and love. Especially when you’ve fought through your dark times to get it.

So if you’re in a happy chapter, relish the fuck out of it. Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel like you shouldn’t. Embrace every single second of it. And if you are fighting through a dark chapter, keep going, you’ll be where you want too soon.

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