Dealing with PTSD!

I wanted to take time to write about this because this is something I’ve struggled with and still do! 

Post traumatic stress disorder is a mental disorder which occurs after a traumatic experience. There isn’t really a baseline of the type of experience that can cause it. Car crashes, sexual assault, bullying, it is basically anything you find traumatic.

Let’s take a look at the symptoms of PTSD. (You can click the image to enlarge it)


I can’t take appreciation for the little picture, I just copied and pasted info from the website A great website to have a look at. I think understanding and knowing causes and symptoms of any mental disorder can help you know how to work with it.

So personally, I could tick off nearly all of those symptoms from that list. I’ve experienced them all throughout my individual experience. 

And do you want to hear my great advice on how to deal with it?

Embrace it.

Now that may sound utterly ridiculous, as yes it’s awful and you want to get through it and feel safe and like yourself again. However your mind is dealing with whatever you’ve experienced and it’s simply letting you know you need to pay attention to it.

Try to think along the lines of this, your body talks to you when it is not well, headaches for example. It could be a sign of maybe dehydration. Your body is simply letting you know, you need to work on something. So you drink some water but the headache doesn’t vanish straight away. It takes your body time to get back to normal levels before you’re pain free, right.

Or you break your leg, you have it wrapped in a cast to keep safe and you are delicate to ensure it heals correctly so you can walk again pain free. You don’t ignore the break and keep walking, it’ll cause more damage.

Look at that in terms of PTSD, you’ve got some symptoms, maybe a whole heap but your mind is telling you it needs you to do something. 

So as long as you are paying attention to what you’re experiencing, embracing it and processing what is happening, then you’ll be able to get to the root cause and begin to heal positively.

It’s a lot harder to problem solve, obviously. We can’t just drink some water and have our mind recover but that is why I believe embracing it is the best way.

You feel anxious, sad or having flashbacks? Delve into that, sit down with yourself and be quiet. Talk yourself through things, talk to others, draw, write, cry and scream. Do what you need to do! Nurture yourself, be kind to yourself and simply embrace the emotion.

Only when you embrace it, can you begin to heal it.

So as much as I wish I could sit here and be wise enough to share exactly how to deal with the signs and symptoms and how to overcome it all, I can’t. No, there is no yoga pose or breathing exercise or affirmation that will heal you instantly.

There are plenty of websites to advise on techniques and tips to help you along the way, which I always recommend. I meditate as we know and am a fan of affirmations!

But as far as I’m concerned it’s down to you to embrace your feelings and emotions, dig deep and work on healing the emotion at the root.

It ain’t easy but you can do it, you know you can even if you feel you can’t.

I hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to share comments of your own experiences!

Thanks for reading guys!

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